A Winter’s Tale

Fantastic email received:

A winter’s tale, of sorts.

Myself, brother and sister-in-law sat around over Christmas, moaning about our seemingly spectacular collection of injuries; sister-in-law, broken wrist thanks to too many sherbets at the office party; brother, recovering from having a scheduled operation on Christmas Eve to remove some bone from his shoulder following a rugby injury; myself, damaged ankle ligaments from the Boxing Day charity rugby game that took place hours earlier. In the midst of our moaning, slightly belated Christmas gifts and cards were shared, including Mission Motorsport Christmas cards. I commented on the surprising relevance of the Jaguar-legged reindeer and our collective collection of injuries; how fitting that even the reindeers were crocked.

Then it dawned on me, the kind of injuries depicted by those reindeer and how pathetic and inconsequential our collective injuries are by comparison. In weeks and months, bone and ligament will heal, life will go on and Christmas 2012 will be a humorous anecdote up there with with the sister-in-law crashing the car in front of the family in 2009 and me accidentally firing fireworks at the family back on New Years Eve 2000.

For those brave boys and girls injured doing their job for their country, we salute you and hope that you all had a fantastic Christmas with family and friends and that 2013 is a fantastic year for all. We are thankful for what you did and greatly admire the way you are tackling your challenges going forward.

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to all at Mission Motorsport. Keep up the good work.



Our Patron:

"I am honoured to be associated with this wonderful charity. Motor sport has been my life, and I know that Mission Motorsport will allow those who have been affected by military operations to experience some of the challenge, excitement and fulfilment that I have achieved throughout my career"

- Sir Stirling Moss OBE, London, Feb 2012