2nd Santa Pod Drift Day

Saturday 9th March saw the second (official) drift day for the Mission Motorsport Drift5 at Santa Pod.

MM Instructors Will Browning and Chris Pickford were on hand to show John Hamilton and his wife Carla how to become the next Drift King (or Queen). Everything started well with both John and Carla fresh from of the MM “Autotesting” day at Thruxton earlier in the week.

Unfortunately the usually utterly reliable little Mazda decided it was going to spring a leak from its radiator and this threatened to end the day early. In true military style of “Improvise, Adapt, Overcome” (or in our case steal), Jim Cameron arranged for us to “borrow” a radiator from Mazda On Track’s Nick Doughill’s very own race car (apparently with his permission; however this has yet to be confirmed).

Team mechanic Andy Browning was mobilised and promptly dispatched to a secret location somewhere in Northampton armed with a box of tools and removed the radiator from said race car!

A quick swap of radiator fans and she was good to go again!

The rest of the day went fantastically well and both Will and Chris were very surprised at just how quickly John began picking things up and improving. Proof of which will be seen in the upcoming video of the day which will be placed on the MM YouTube channel.

Particular highlights were John holding a fantastic consistent drift around Will whilst he stood filming him (mad), and also the spectacular blow out during one of John’s “enthusiastic” donuts which had all the spectators watching. Well done that man!

Carla also improved immensely during the day and could comfortably catch the back end whenever it was provoked out with a clutch kick.

Some passenger laps around the main competition track were given by Will and Chris and plenty of seat time was had by everyone!

Some thoughts from John…

“My wife and I went to Santa Pod with Mission Motorsport to learn to drift, all I can really say is what a fantastic day we had! Will, Chris and Andy were fantastic, they made us feel like part of the team and as far as teaching goes money can’t buy the skills that Will and Chris have.
I must say as a learner drifter I do feel as if I did better than them at donuts around the camera, ha ha! (sorry boys had to get that in). All I have left to say is if you ever get the chance to go out drifting with these men you would have to be a fool to pass it up and I’m really hoping to go to the next event!
A big thank you to Sue for inviting me to all these events and a great big thank you to the whole Mission Motorsport team, keep up the good work!”

John’s better half Carla…

“My husband and I were invited by Mission Motorsport to accompany them to a Santa Pod drift day.
I wasn’t sure what to expect but after finding the Mission Motorsport boys, they all made me feel like part of the team.
Thank you Will, Chris and Andy; the day wouldn’t have been the same without the three of you.”

All in all another fantastic day for the Mission Motorsport Drift Team!

If you’re interested in joining us for the next outing in April then drop us an email! Places are limited so be quick! Team@missionmotorsport.org

Our Patron:

"I am honoured to be associated with this wonderful charity. Motor sport has been my life, and I know that Mission Motorsport will allow those who have been affected by military operations to experience some of the challenge, excitement and fulfilment that I have achieved throughout my career"

- Sir Stirling Moss OBE, London, Feb 2012