DWYB 15/05/13

Our Drift team are brilliant. More bearded than, well, ZZ Top on a long weekend, they’re also quite eloquent!

Words: Tom Gibson (Mission Motorsport Drift Instructor)
Photos: Will Browning and Ian Blackett

Wednesday the 15th May saw the fourth (my third) Mission Motorsport drift day at Santa Pod.
This time it has fallen on me to do the report so I guess this one will have a bit of a different feel to it, written from the perspective of a grease monkey/driver!

The story for Wednesday  really starts a couple of days before the 15th, but we will gloss over the bits where some complete oaf broke a window on the 328i coupe (aka HMO), and then broke the hydraulic handbrake with his arse whilst hovering out the glass, yes, it was me!
Skip forward past fixing the brake lines in torrential rain, horrendous traffic and phone signal failure and it’s 10am, 2 of the 3 cars are ready to go and the third is on its way (although still over an hour away) but we have found our guys, Dan Ierston and John Carter so it’s time to start playing.

The Drift5, having sat at Pod for a few weeks started on the button and Chris was immediately dispatched to the kidney tracks with Dan and John to start a bit of tuition whilst I finished repairing one of our two BMWs.
I’m gutted to say I missed the first bit but Chris reported back that both guys, apart from being great blokes also showed a decent aptitude for getting some sideways action out of the long-suffering Mazda. Well done Fellas!

By lunch time both BMWs were tearing it up again and we had managed to wangle the guys a few passenger runs in some of the British Drift Championship cars that were shaking down on the now wet and greasy 2009 European Drift Championship track – massive grins and “Wow” faces all round after that!

The cars carried on faultlessly delivering passenger runs and tuition throughout the afternoon, wind and rain couldn’t stop us and the the only thing that broke down was one of our instructors who appeared to forget how wheel nuts worked! (…..Chris – righty tighty, lefty loosey)

Dan Ierston had this to say:

“Well what can I say, a real eye opener of a day for me!
I’ve always been into Motorsport but had never given drifting a second thought until Mission Motorsport got me into it at Santa Pod.

I thoroughly enjoyed the day and spent most of it doing circles, but towards the end of the day got the hang of it (although remembering clutch kick, turn, throttle, more throttled and wheel flicking beat me a few times!)

A really enjoyable day. I’m now off to find a cheap BMW to get sideways!
I even went to the BDC in Pembrey a few weekends ago and got a further insight into the world of drifting!”

I think we may have a convert there.

There are big plans afoot, with both BMWs due for some serious upgrades and the trusty Drift5 needing nothing more than some suspension bushes, brakes and preventative maintenance.
We also have some experiments in the pipe line for another Mission Motorsport drift car, this time with hand controls. We will be shaking down this car at the July DWYB event so watch this space!

Our Patron:

"I am honoured to be associated with this wonderful charity. Motor sport has been my life, and I know that Mission Motorsport will allow those who have been affected by military operations to experience some of the challenge, excitement and fulfilment that I have achieved throughout my career"

- Sir Stirling Moss OBE, London, Feb 2012