Mission Motorsport at the Endeavour Fund Awards

The Royal Foundation Endeavour Fund offers seed funding for sporting and adventure challenges and helps emerging initiatives with advice, hands-on support and mentoring. The fund plays an important role in ensuring that more Servicemen and women have the opportunity to rediscover their self-belief and fighting spirit through physical challenges. Last year, the Endeavour Fund provided funding for the Defender Challenge. 22 Mission Motorsport beneficiaries were involved in various aspects of the Endeavour, from driving and navigating, to spannering and being a member of the pit crew. It was really valuable experience for our blokes, and has helped several blokes into full-time employment.

On 17th January 2017, The Endeavour Fund will welcome members and supporters of the Armed Forces community to the Royal Geographical Society in order to showcase its activities from 2016. Importantly, this inaugural event will be an opportunity for the Endeavour Fund to publically remember Henry Worsley through the introduction of the Henry Worsley Prize. Henry sadly fell ill and tragically lost his life in January 2016 whilst attempting to cross the Antarctic landmass, solo and unsupported.  Henry, a career soldier and an experienced polar adventurer driven by a keen interest in Ernest Shackleton, undertook this incredible and awe inspiring expedition in order to raise money for the Endeavour Fund.

Motivated by Henry’s feats on this and previous expeditions, the Endeavour fund has decided to name its premier prize in his honour and it will be awarded it to individuals who follow Henry’s example. The Henry Worsley Award will therefore be awarded to the individual who has best inspired others through the demonstration of determination in the face of adversity whilst endeavouring to support others with their recovery through sport or adventurous challenge. Two further awards will be presented at the event, firstly a prize awarded to the individual who has endeavoured to achieve excellence in their chosen sport or adventurous challenge and secondly to the individual who has best utilised their endeavours to promote and catalyse their own recovery.

The Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry will attend the inaugural Endeavour Fund Awards ceremony and will help present these important awards on the night. They will also spend time meeting beneficiaries who have taken part in various endeavours over the last few years, as well as Henry Worsley’s wife and two children.

Since its launch in 2012, the Endeavour Fund has supported 39 different projects that have directly assisted over 1,400 WIS. Through their own fundraising, these endeavours have collectively raised £2.3m for other forces charities. The Endeavour Fund Awards Ceremony is also an opportunity to continue engaging and inspiring the harder-to-reach WIS and those who could most benefit from being involved in sport and adventure challenges to help their journey to recovery.