2013 – The impetus grows

Some huge changes for 2013, building on the success of our first full year. We had been very successful getting guys into jobs – so when the Recovery Career Services was formed it was essential that we reinforced the MoD’s efforts. We increased in size – considerably, to help us deal with the extra responsibility, and we have been flat out ever since.

Links into Formula One and other top-line organisations has come thick and fast – and we’ve had guys snapped up by employers as a result. As Mission motorsport has grown, we’ve also been able to work with lads longer term, and that’s been fantastic:

Highlights? We took over the workshop, ran a US-UK exchange program, and brought bikes on line:

We’ve even trained up a stunt team with the help of Terry Grant – international stuntman and all round good bloke. They performed to 16,000 people in January 2014, but the beginnings were much humbler…