Caterham Group

Great to get this unsolicited endorsement from Caterham – who are helping us rebuild shattered lives. It turns out, they get a great deal from the association, too…

Caterham F1 have joined forces with Mission Motorsport to provide work placements for injured service personnel, and it’s turning out to be quite the success story. Mission Motorsport provides respite, rehabilitation, vocational support and training to those affected by military operations through offering opportunities in the UK automotive industry, and are part of the MoD’s initiative to help the wounded, injured and sick find a vocation – the ‘Recovery Career Services’. For more information please visit their website at and
Initially introduced as one of our corporate social responsibility projects, the scheme has become a regular feature in our recruitment campaign, with Managers taking the lead in requesting Mission Motorsport personnel. With increasingly tight budgets, the partnership has offered cost effective, innovative headcount solutions and an opportunity for the service personnel to develop in a high skilled environment.

The real success has come from the response of our staff, who willingly share knowledge and information to help develop the skills of individuals involved. Service personnel have extremely positive attitudes to work and act as an inspiration to employees which can have a positive effect on morale.
When we first embarked on this partnership, we could not have predicted such a positive reaction and would freely recommend other HR departments to develop relationships with the MoD’s Recovery Career Services, who can offer numerous benefits as those experienced at Caterham F1.
The future is bright and I hope that we continue our work and collaboration with such a fine organisation and such decent people.
- Alex Bond, Caterham HR

We have guys working and on placements with Caterham F1, with Caterham Cars, and will have guys on the grid – competing – in Caterhams in 2014. Huge respect for a British company doing some very exciting stuff, and benefiting from the qualities that service leavers bring.