Sapper Ashley Hall

We love Ash to bits. He didn’t smile much when we first met him.

I was injured in July 2010 and I am now a bi lateral double leg amputee. As soon as I was back at Queen Elisabeth hospital I asked if I would be able to drive again as cars and driving have always been my passion. After my injury I initially started karting which helped me a great deal but wanted more, I wanted to drive a car again and on track was my ultimate goal.
I met Mission Motorsport in 2010 via my Personnel Recovery Officer; they quickly got me on track enjoying passenger laps and I went on a great trip to the Nurburgring which is a mecca for petrol heads. I have been fortunate to enjoy a second trip to ‘The Ring’ and on this occasion got to drive a car on track with hand controls, this is the best thing I have ever done and I am now looking at taking my National B licence with support from Mission Motorsport.

I have just finished a bridge to higher education course to prepare me for my Foundation Degree in Motorsport that I started at Brooklands College in September. Mission Motorsport have given me a Mercedes to use as a project whilst doing my degree, I will be turning it in to a drift car for use by Mission Motorsport people and myself. This project is really stretching my abilities and helping my gain confidence, I have never had to lead or give people directions before but as project leader for the car I am learning to communicate with others and guide them in their actions to ensure we complete the project to a high standard. Once I have completed my Degree I would like to get in to research and development in Motorsport, with the places I go with Mission Motorsport and the people I meet I am confident that I will have gained a good reputation in the world of Motorsport and this will help me achieve my goal of working in R&D.

I had a small 50cc Motorbike in my teens and never thought I would get back on a bike again. With Mission Motorsport I have learnt to ride a Suzuki SV650 using hand controls and even displayed my riding ability at a show for the Ace Café in London. I love the feeling of being on the bike; I am free, independent and not reliant on others. It helps me forget my injuries and feel like everyone else.

Being with Mission Motorsport has given me so much more confidence; I have made new friends with a similar outlook on life but also a similar background and most importantly I have had a lot of fun. - Ash Hall

Ash wheelies Turn 1, Charlotte Motor Speedway on the 2013 UK-US Motor Sport exchange

Ash wheelies Turn 1, Charlotte Motor Speedway on the 2013 UK-US Motor Sport exchange

Ash is continuing his degree course, using the experience and connections that he now has to great effect. He has done a placement in F1, and has formed his own team to enter the 2014 ‘Pure Rally’

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